29th July 2016
After almost 9 months of rigorous study designing and constant redrafts of ethics applications, we are delighted to announce that ethical approval has now been provided for the CIMPRES-COPD project (see CIMPRES-COPD for more info). This project was the first University project to go through the brand new HRA ethics application system.

The ethics application process wasn’t exactly smooth, as anticipated with setting up a new application system. Luckily, this project was accepted for proportionate review and Research Ethics Committee (London-Bromley) granted favourable opinion for the study within 10 days without any amendments suggested. The ideal start! The HRA approval took a little while longer with several points of clarification required as is expected with the slight intrusive nature of this project. However, after a few emails clarifying these points, ethical approval was granted with only minor amendments suggested for the relevant paperwork.

As challenging as this process was, we feel this whole experience will improve our future ethics applications. We have already been utilised as a point of contact for other students going through the same ethics application process.

With this ethical approval granted, this was passed onto the University ethics board for review and this was granted almost instantly upon seeing the relevant paperwork. There were a few queries about sample storage in relation to the Human Tissue Act, but these have since been rectified in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Human Tissue Authority.

Recruitment has now commenced for this project with a positive intake from the first Pulmonary Rehabilitation cohort. Recruitment will continue for the next 18-24 months with data generated being used to create a thesis for PhD submission by October 2018. We’re excited for the results to be generated for this study and prepared for any challenges that might arise from such a research study.

If you would like to find out any more information about this particular project, please do not hesitate to contact Alex Jenkins (aljenkins@lincoln.ac.uk).

Hallelujah! – Ethical approval