Clinical trials for elderly patients with multiple diseases (CHROMED)

The CHROMED project is an international multi-centric randomised control trial spanning across five European regions: United Kingdom, Sweden, Estonia, Spain & Slovenia.

Professor Niro Siriwardena is the currently lead on this project for the University of Lincoln site. This project aims to evaluate the impact of adopting a health and lifestyle status management system to support elderly patients with a combination of chronic diseases (respiratory and cardiovascular systems). This project will help to develop, as well as evaluate, clinical protocols and organisational models with the use of up-to-date technologies in the hope of improving both quality of life and healthcare costs commonly experienced with these elderly patients.

CHROMED primarily focuses on the applicability of an integrated solution for a pathological condition which is either; very prevalent in ageing patients or severely impairs quality of life (e.g. COPD).

Each centre participating in this trial have existing practices and procedures for age-related disease management in place.

Innovation in terms of new technologies is at the heart of this project and will be used to support current technologies to optimise patient care and produce useful clinical data. In particular, for each patient a set of devices will be defined considering the existing co-morbidities.

Data collection for this project is anticipated to be completed by March 2016.

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